8oz Candles - Chinese New Year 2024

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888 (Tea-like)
Lucky Charm (Cherry Blossom)
Peony Delight (Floral)
Orange Paradise (Refreshing)
Lunar Zest (Energizing)
Sun Kiss (Tropical)
Dragon Ruby (Powdery)
King's Palace (Wood-tea)

Scents and their notes compositions


888 - Bringing forth an abundance of positive energy, unity, and familial harmony.

  • White tea l Black tea l Osmanthus l Agave l Peppercorn l Aldehyde l Grapefruit


Lucky Charm - Representing abundance to evoke the festive spirit of the New Year.

  • Cherry Blossom l Hibiscus l Lilac l Orange Blossom l Blue agave l Lychee


Peony Delight - Immerse your space in an aura of beauty and positive energy.

  • Peony l Fig l Iso E Super l Orris l Agave l Hyacinth


Orange Ecstasy - Symbolizing good luck and abundance.

  • Bitter Orange l Cinnamon l Turkish rose l Calabrian bergamot l Vanilla l Cantaloupe


Lunar Zest - Burst of sunshine, energy and good vibes.

  • Yuzu l Grapefruit l Lemon l Lemongrass l Lavender l Black Tea


Sun Kiss - Embodying prosperity and wealth.

  • Mangosteen l Pineapple l Honey l Red dates l Vanilla


Dragon Ruby - Where tradition meets fantasy, with a wish for a year filled with mythical charm and prosperity.

  • Pomegranate l Passionfruit l Mandarin l Pink peppercorn l Blackcurrant


King's Palace - An aromatic symphony that sets the stage for the royal experience capturing  the ambiance of a king's serene palace.

  • Rosewood l Ginger l Apricot l Fig l White tea l Black tea l Lily


Other Details:

- Candles are 270ml size (approximately 45 hour burn time).

- Uses coco-soy wax which is healthier, more premium and has a longer longevity of about 45 hours compared to conventional candles.

- Each handle is handcrafted and hand poured at our office in Singapore.

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