113 (Ion- Inspired)
Can you visualize a stunning and gorgeous lady walking down the red carpet with her captivating persona contributed by a splash of elegant white tea accord. A beautiful scent inspired by one of the most iconic malls in Singapore -...
$256.00 from $128.00
$256.00 from $128.00
Shut the door! And hide your men! This fragrance is the creative play of imagination, sophistication and elegance. It demands attention and speaks of power. A truly mystifying scent indeed.   The notes includes Kaffir lime, lemon, white lily, sea salt, apple,...
$256.00 from $128.00
  It makes perfect sense! It just does! The seductive and sensual tone of this fragrance sets the mood for a memorable night you will never forget. This is the one. The one love potion for any girl to make a...
from $148.00
Coco-Soy Candle Workshop
Make your own cocosoy scented candles.  The whole experience of concocting and formulating your own unique scented candle in our scented candle-making workshop is a fun one especially when you can craft a variety of fragrances for different settings and...
from $68.00
Grande - Ambergris Parfum
This contains Ambergris - one of the most valuable perfume ingredients in the world. Using a oil-based solvent means it is halal-friendly and also even longer lasting compared to most traditional perfumes. The highlight is in it's femininity. Ideal for most...
Imagine melting into your bed as your senses disappear. You will feel a gentle easing into the soft covers as though being cradled and cuddled by a loved one. Our Lullaby essential oil is the aid to your sleep and...
from $68.00
 The natural way to relieve headaches, colds and tummy aches. The mint character within the essential oil works to slow down blood pressure via vasoconstriction, which in turn reduces pain.   How to use? - Apply one drop onto back...
from $68.00
This fragrance evokes an outstanding aura that encapsulates all that comes into contact with it. The ideal harmony of scents for him to maintain a modern yet casual persona.   The notes includes lime, lemon, lavender, freesia, amber, driftwood.   This perfume...
from $128.00
Perfume-making Workshop
Make your own pure extrait de parfum, the longest lasting perfume. Description The whole experience of concocting and formulating your own unique perfume is a fun one especially when you can craft a variety of fragrances for different settings and...
from $65.00
Pure Fragrance & Essential Oils
Description: Fragrance & essential oils for use in our ambient scenting machine, diffusers, candle making, perfume making etc.   Origin: - Our base ingredients are from Turkey, France, Australia and Hong Kong   Applications: - 100% in oil-based scenting machines...
from $175.00
Quick Play & Craft
Running for time and with limited budget? But yet want to make something unique and special. Our Quick Play & Craft perfume making workshop is a quick 30-minute session where we cover some basic information on perfume making before you mix your scent....
from $45.00
Scenting Machine
Description Ambient scenting commercial diffuser to increase positive vibes and set the mood for various occasions from Hen's night / Bachelorette party, birthday, date night etc. Applicable in the following settings: - Ambient scenting for condominium & homes - Brand scenting...
from $525.00
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