Essential Oil Blending Workshop

10ml (amber glass roll-on)
30ml (amber glass dropper)


Location: 64B Boat Quay, Level 3 (049852) - the yellow building

Workshop Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours

Workshop Outline:

(A) Welcome note: Our scent engineer will explain the agenda for the session, share some fun & interesting facts before the smelling activity.

(B) The fun smelling activity commences where you would get to smell over 24 unique essential and fragrance oils while recording your thoughts on them on the form provided.

(C) Our scent engineer would then proceed on with the theory where you’ll learn about some history, uses and benefits or the fragrances you smelled.

(D) You’ll then proceed on to learning how to use the scent strips provided to start matching and formulating your own essential oil blend. Our scent engineer would guide you closely throughout the process to ensure that your blend meets both your intention and also smells good to you.

(E) You would use the measuring cylinders provided to begin pouring and blending your fragrance formula together. You then pour this formulation into your 10ml Amber glass roll on bottle provided.

(F) You now test the formulation on your skin to test it. If it needs any fine tuning, our scent engineer would help you with it.

(G) You would then proceed on to naming your bespoke creation.

(H) Head home with your very own bespoke essential oil remedy blend. 

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