Workshops (for corporate events & teambuilding)

You can make perfumes, reed diffusers, candles, home scents for machine diffusers etc.

Workshop outline:

  • Participants are introduced to the history of the world of fragrances / essential oils
  • Participants get to smell some unique and rare oils to add to the fun and pleasure of the experience which would evoke the senses and awaken nostalgic moments in their life.
  • With a variety of fragrance and essential oil options to choose from, together we will explore and break down the ingredients, their scent profile and usage in their daily life. We will further assess how fragrances are built and their natural ratios.
  • Participants find out how everyday brands have used scent marketing to manipulate and induce certain behaviors in consumers such as getting customers to spend more money.
  • Participants will then sniff all the oils and select the ones they’ll enjoy (based on what their brain tells you, preferences and purpose of what you would like your fragrance to do.
  • Scent-engineers will run through the benefits of the various oils you can choose from and guide you throughout the process of selecting, formulating and eventual blending of your fragrance concoction (using apparatus provided).
  • At the end of the session participants would have created their very own one-of-a-kind customised scent.


Scented Merchandise/Gifts

We work with business, distributors and retailers to create scented products ranging from diffusers, solid perfumes, candles, scented beads, scented papers, gels, shampoos, soaps and much more. You could also make it into a white label product under your own branding.


Ambient Scenting

We can also scent your offices, retail spaces and other venues. We'll work closely with you to craft a scent to suit your needs. You could create something to improve productivity in the office, get clients relaxed in a meeting, imprint into the memory and hearts of people visiting your stores by using a memorable scent, get people to spend more money, remove a bad odour and much more.

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