Scent Kit - Perfume Gift Set

$88.00 $48.00

Discover your signature scent with our exquisite Scent Kit! Unleash the power of personal fragrance as you explore a handpicked selection of captivating scents.


This curated kit is a sensory masterpiece, offering a diverse range of notes from floral elegance to warm and seductive tones. And these are are parfum levels with lasting strength of up to 12 hours.


Elevate your individuality, one fragrance at a time, with our exclusive Scent Kit. 


Scents (8 x 5ml)

- Ambergris (Layer with another fragrance to elevates it's quality).

- Pacovictus (vibrant citrus floral)

- 540 (inspiration from a very expensive perfume out there)

- Hypnotiq (leathery and green; more natural vibe)

- Vanilla Black (Sweet and seductive)

- Scada (Floral and sweet, amazing date night scent)

- Inferno (Citrus woody, get attention)

- Desire (Fresh and deep, seductive and masculine)


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