Coco-Soy Candle Workshop

4oz amber glass jar (18 hours)
8oz amber glass jar (40 hours)
10oz ceramic jar (60 hours)
8oz coloured candle (Free plushie & exclusive scents)

Make your own coco-soy scented candles. 

The whole experience of concocting and formulating your own unique scented candle in our scented candle-making workshop is a fun one especially when you can craft a variety of fragrances.

You’ll have 60 to 90 mins to work with over 21 raw materials to create a scented candle which would include top notes, middle notes, base notes or blends that have been professionally created in-house. The variations are almost unlimited! You'll be spoiled for choice. You can even gift this to someone special.


What you can expect from this candle-making workshop
1) Brief introduction into fragrance oils and essential oils.
2) Dive straight-in to smell over 21 unique and rare fragrances such as Guave, Centifolia rose, Violet, Tobacco Leaf, Peony, Pink Peppers, White Tea and much more.
3) With a variety of fragrance and essential oil options to choose from, together we will explore and break down the ingredients, their scent profile and application in your daily life. We will further assess how fragrances are built and their natural ratios.
4) You'll find out how everyday brands have used scent marketing to influence and induce certain behaviors to get people to spend more money while shopping.
5) You will then start pairing & blending selected scents (around 3 to 10) to formulate your ideal candle scent.
6) Our perfumer will guide you throughout the entire process (with all apparatus provided) and assist to melt your wax and infusing your fragrance concoction.
7) At the end of the session you would have created your very own one-of-a-kind customized coco-soy wax candle.

What you'll go back with
. Basic perfumer knowledge allowing you to formulate your own candle by yourself and boast about it to your family & friends.
. Your very own customized coco-soy wax candle.

Location: 64B Boat Quay, Level 3 (049852) - the yellow building

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