Reed Diffuser Workshop

$118.00 $88.00
Enjoy a scent crafting experience with our scent-engineer using a selection of rare blends and individual fragrance ingredients of the finest grade to make your own bespoke reed diffuser (100ml).

Workshop Process:

(1) Upon reaching the space, you will start by smelling all the scents for your set and identify your hearts, likes, so-so and dislikes.

(2) You would then play a game to guess some iconic scents around the world.

(3) Our scent engineer would then go through the purpose of the game and link it to scent marketing.

(4) You will learn the art of scent crafting based on intention and storyline.

(5) You will learn how to pair and blend different fragrance oils using the Perfumer strips provided.

(6) Our scent engineer will guide you on the formulation where you'll become a "chemist" for awhile and use the chemistry apparatus provided.

(7) Smell test your formula and refine it with guidance from our scent engineer.

(8) Decide on a name to give your creation a life of it's own.

(9) Head back with your signature 100ml reed diffuser (reed sticks and bag provided) of your own design, wearable and entirely yours.


Location: 64B Boat Quay, Level 3, 049852

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