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Why Scent Marketing

A study that found gamblers spend 45% more when there was a floral scent in the casino than when there wasn't. Another study found a pleasant scent caused shoppers to spend more on sleepwear. Four hundred consumers surveyed after shopping in a Nike store reported that a "pleasant ambient scent" improved their evaluation not only of the store and its products but the likelihood they would shop there again, according to research conducted by the International Journal of Marketing Studies.


An appropriate fragrance in the right setting can actually heighten the perception of merchandise quality and increase lingering time in a department store or boutique. Selection requires mastery and care, as fragrance must complement the setting.


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Brands using Scent Marketing

HUGO BOSS: Standing out was the fashionable Hugo Boss store with their signature-scent of citrus, tamboti wood and tonka bean to represent an air of superiority, prestige and dominance.

Lululemon: You can smell a grassy and rosemary fragrance in it's stores which imparts energy and freshness unto all who take in it's waft.

Tiffany & Co: The posh Tiffany & Co jewelry store exudes a cotton-candy scent designed to make people feel a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Abercrombie & Fitch: It is well known for the musky scent of its stores, which is that of their signature cologne, Fierce. Employees regularly spray this fragrance into the air at Abercrombie stores to keep the scent fresh.


Consumers & Scent Case Studies

Consumer A

We had a concerning inquiry regarding pests in a landed home. She was concerned about the danger her pet dog was exposed to from frequent bee and ant visits. So we helped her make a room spray made of essential oils (peppermint-based) to drive them away. It was such a success that she still uses our formula till today.

Consumer B

We had a query asking us to help get rid of the poo and pee odor from a home owner who held over five cats. We crafted a delicate formula containing lavender, rosemary, Kyoto rose petals and orange to get rid of the smell of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide; and replacing these unpleasant odors with a more refreshing and pleasingly gentle one.


Cheat Sheet of Scents

Vanilla notes work well for boutiques that sell ladies’ apparel.

Ivory and spice may indicate prosperity as well as luxury, and the placement of oil from black pepper when infused in men’s cologne creates a scent that is exotic, rich and earthy, and may motivate men to purchase the cologne.

Citrus: This family includes: lemon, lime, mandarin, orange, grapefruit, bergamot and clementine. These scents are considered crisp, clean, rejuvenating and stimulating. They work best for brands seeking to convey a high-energy store environment.

Floral: Floral scents include: rose, jasmine, gardenia, orange blossoms, and violet. They are very versatile and range in effect from pure and sweet to complex and exotic. Florals are favorites of fashion boutiques and jewelry stores.

Woody: Woody notes such as pine and cedar, green notes of fresh grass, moss and mint, and herbal notes of basil and sage are considered for this fragrance category. These scents are inspired by nature and are associated with the concept of cleanliness. They provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor outfitters or those stores best known for their sustainable policies and products. Rustic, woodsy scents work well for mens’ clothing.

Fruity: Fruity fragrances are bright, uplifting and soothing. Some examples include: peach, apple, pear, plum, and apricot. These options are very popular in newer fragrances and are a fragrant boon to specialty fashion retailers.

Gourmand: Specialty food shops and kitchenware stores particularly use scents like vanilla, nutmeg, honey, caramel, coffee and chocolate both because of their powerful association with food and their ability to create a cozy environment.

Ozonic: Airy, fresh, subtle and light, ozonic fragrances are best described as “the scent in the air after a thunderstorm.” Often utilized in smaller spaces, such as gift shops, boutiques and clothing stores, these fragrances promote the impression of a fresh, breezy and open atmosphere, and are perfect for any store that sells scented products, which by their very nature, might present the challenge of competing scents.


Why choose us to help with your Scent Marketing

The first step for retailers is to plan, with the help of experts (us), an effective scenting program with one of the families mentioned above. Equally important are the intensity levels of the chosen fragrance and its basic formulation.


We offer many scenting options suitable to both large department stores and smaller boutiques. We use a commercial-grade fan-operated air-scenting machine, that represents the most effective cutting edge air diffusion and odor control technologies, which renders us ideal for ambient branding in both small and large-scale business settings.


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