30ml Fragrance & Essential Oil (free diffuser stone)

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113 (Ion Inspired)
White Tea
After Rain
Wood of the Gods
Coffee (Kape Black)
Shang (Shangrila Inspired)


With each drop, our essential  and fragrance oils unlock a world of possibilities. Whether diffused, blended, or applied, these potent elixirs become catalysts for relaxation, rejuvenation, and renewal. Let the fragrant embrace of essential and fragrance oils envelop you, transcending the ordinary and connecting you to the pure, unadulterated beauty of the world.


How to use:

On self: A single drop on your palm and spread it onto your pulse points (back of the wrists and ears)

On diffuser stone: 1 to 3 drops on the top of your stone to scent your bedside area (close windows, doors; and switch on your air-con/fan to maximize the circulation.



113: Ion inspired fragrance. Smell classy and expensive.

White Tea: Calming and rejuvenating.

After Rain: Energize and refresh.

Sleepyhead: To calm and relax (apply 1 drop onto temple).

Mintsy: Curb headache, migraines, and alleviate sinuses (apply 1 drop onto affected part).

Wood of the Gods: Woody and exotic. Calming and luxurious.

Soul: Fresh and natural. Soothing and pristine.

Coffee (Kape black): Toffee Nut Latte inspired.

Wild: Dior Sauvage inspired with a twist.

Shang: Shangrila inspired.

Jewel: Clean, fresh and powdery. Lead by Singapore's iconic Vanda Miss Joaquim orchids.


What you receive:

- 1 x 30ml pure essential/fragrance oil with 1 free diffuser stone for each oil purchase.


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