Reed Diffusers (100ml)

113 (Ion inspired)
Jewel (Changi)
MBS (Marina Bay Sands)
Blooms (Feminine)
Chimneys (Masculine)
Green (Jo Malone Pear & Freesia inspired)
Pacovictus (Fresh Outdoors)
Scada (Date Night)
Soul (Burj Khalifa)
Vanilla Black
Wild (Dior Sauvage Inspired)

Picture a slender, translucent glass vessel standing gracefully on a mantlepiece, catching the soft glow of morning light. It's a vessel of dreams, holding within it the essence of a faraway paradise. The liquid inside shimmers like liquid gold, infused with intoxicating aromas.

Adorning the vessel are delicate reeds, like slender tendrils reaching out to embrace the world. They are the messengers of scent, absorbing the fragrant elixir and releasing it into the air with every graceful sway.



113: Ion Inspired

Jewel: Jewel Changi Inspired

MBS: Marina Bay Sands Inspired

Addiction: Citrus fresh green & elegant

Ambeda: Fresh and musky

Blooms: Fresh floral

Chimneys: Smokey and man-cave

Green: Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Inspired

Pacovictus: Fresh outdoor scent

Scada: White floral scent good for date nights

Soul: Expensive vibes Inspired from the Burj Khalifa Dubai 

Sugar: Sweet and vibrant

Vanilla Black: Slightly sweet and nostalgic

Wild: Dior Sauvage Inspired

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