How to make your home smell like a hotel?

How to make your home smell like a hotel?

The oud Turkish rose candle is one of our more recent creations to make any home smell like a hotel. But not any common hotel, instead one that is more exotic and luxurious.


Oud or agarwood is a fragrant resinous wood derived from the agarwood tree, and it has been used for centuries in traditional Middle Eastern perfumery. When used to freshen up your home, oud imparts a unique and exotic fragrance that can create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Here's how oud contributes to freshening up your living space:

  1. Distinctive Aroma:

    • Oud has a rich and complex fragrance that is often described as woody, sweet, and balsamic. This distinctive aroma sets it apart from more common scents, providing a unique and sophisticated olfactory experience.
  2. Long-Lasting Fragrance:

    • Oud is known for its longevity and intensity. The fragrance can linger in the air for an extended period, ensuring a lasting and enjoyable freshness.
  3. Aromatherapy Benefits:

    • Oud is believed to have calming and grounding properties. The aroma may help create a serene and tranquil environment, making it conducive to relaxation and stress reduction.
  4. Cultural and Luxurious Associations:

    • Oud has deep cultural and historical significance, particularly in the Middle East. Its use is associated with luxury, opulence, and a sense of tradition. Introducing oud into your home can evoke a feeling of sophistication and elegance.
  5. Neutralizing Odors:

    • Oud's strong fragrance can help neutralize other odors in your home, providing an effective way to combat unwanted smells and create a more pleasant living environment.
  6. Cultural and Spiritual Significance:

    • In some cultures, oud is associated with spiritual practices and rituals. Using oud in your home may contribute to a sense of sacredness or mindfulness, enhancing the overall ambiance.


In short, oud freshens up your home by infusing it with a unique and luxurious fragrance, offering long-lasting freshness, contributing to a sense of tranquility, and adding a touch of cultural and historical significance to your living space. Our oud candle brings a distinct character to your home's ambiance. Get yours today. Purchase here.

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